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  • LA Fear is dedicated to keeping live music a big part of holidays through our traditional sheet music books and our new Play By Number (TM) series.

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This is the fourth creepy music book we have published. When we showed our earlier books at trade shows we heard people loved the idea of being a haunted organist, but they couldn’t read sheet music. After extensive research we invested over a year to develop our revolutionary method of learning to play the Play by Number (TM) method.

    Current sheet music developed as a need to have a universal method to perfectly reproduce a piece of music. The only problem with that is such sheet music is almost impossible to learn and takes a life time to master. So we looked at the essentials of song. It always boils down to the same thing, what notes do we play in what order. If you get that down the timing and nuances of a song come naturally. So we took classic spooky songs and reproduced them as a series of numbers placed on a 44 key organ keyboard. You simply follow the numbers. Compare our method on the right to traditional sheet music on the left. You know what keys to press with the Play by Number method.

I look forward to you sharing your success with my book.

Professor Johnson, Organ Donor